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Production Design




Production Designer

Short Films: Foxbody directed by Cameron Monaghan (2024, stills coming soon), The Perfume directed by Meera Macki (2023), Grey Area directed by Maria Vittoria Conti (2022), Sucker Punch directed by Spencer Slishman (2023), Acting School directed by Jeremy Owens (2023), Rosabelle, Believe directed by Nicole Gillette & Zach Levine (2022), Unrest directed by Matthew Crosby (2023 - stills coming soon)
Commercials: Carrara Treatment, directed by Emily Singer (2023)
Music Videos: Chei de Graça, né directed by Dmitriy Usov (2023), Rulet directed by Dmitriy Usov (2023), Apeshit directed by Simon Moore (2023)

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